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You Can Contribute Two Different Ways

Your support is important to our work at Team Tactical Foundation. There are a couple of different ways you can contribute towards our causes, and every little bit that you commit goes a long way in helping us fulfill our mission.

Below are the ways to get involved. On the left, you can donate any amount you want which helps us with both our day to day operations as well as donating brand new RC trucks to veterans and kids.

On the right, is a link to our Facebook page where we do a lot of raffles and fundraisers to raise money and gives you (the contributor) a chance to win some awesome prizes!

Apart from the general giving listed below, we do have a couple goals that we are trying to attain in order to continue to grow our organization so that we can continue to help more and more people. All donations made during this time will go towards additional licensing for our nonprofit so that we can continue to grow. As a thank you for your donations, we will gift a thank you gift according to the list below.

Donate Over $30: TTF Keychain
Donate Over $60: TTF Flexfit Hat (While Supplies Last)
Donate Over $100: Choice of TTF Shirt

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Directly Impact Someones Life

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Contribute and Win!

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